Each year CHOP SHOP serves up a unique sampling of contemporary dance by local and national artists. Though drawn from diverse backgrounds and possessing strong individual voices, the presented artists are united through the contemporary language of dance and its power to stir the senses through the visceral moving image. The next festival will be held February 15 & 16, 2020 at Meydenbauer Center Theatre - stay tuned for the 2020 Festival Artist line-up announcement in late November!

In 2019 CHOP SHOP proudly presented the work of:

The 2019 festival performances were held at Meydenbauer Center Theatre February 16 and February 17.

Meet the 2019 Artists.

Lauren Horn//Subira vs. Movement Dance Company (Windsor, CT)

Lauren Horn performing her work Techn0Whore in 2017. Photo by Peter Raper.

CHOP SHOP marks the first performance of the Lauren Horn//Subira vs. Movement Dance Company.

Lauren Horn is a movement and text based artist from Windsor, Connecticut. She graduated from Amherst College with degrees in Psychology and Theatre and Dance. Lauren’s work explores identity and the ways it can be uncovered, marginalized, highlighted, and erased. By utilizing movement and text as means of fostering a more welcoming form of vulnerability, the work creates a space for self-reflection and conversation for both the performer and viewer. Another aspect of Lauren’s work is entrenched in creating a dialogue around our current society’s relationship to technology. From the Silent Generation to Generation Z, she wants to understand how groups of individuals, in each living generation, feel that technology has affected their expression of their true self. Lauren’s choreographic work has been showcased at The Studio of Contemporary Dance and Thought in Northampton, MA, The Northampton Center for the Arts, Amherst College, and American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA) New England.

CHOP SHOP shares Lauren Horn’s solo Text Messages at the 2019 festival. Text Messages explores how the nuances of identity are erased, embellished, and eliminated through a series of actual text messages. Utilizing a real time mix of improvisation and set material, each iteration of this piece uniquely digs into the wide variability of human emotions. The piece also investigates, in a world of fleeting digital contexts, how easy is it to change who we are and forget to stay true to our identities.

Learn more at subiravsmovement.com.

Javier Padilla & The Movement Playground (New York)

Javier Padilla & The Movement Playground performing at INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival 2018, photo by Stephen Delas Heras.

The Movement Playground is a group founded in 2014 that explores the extremes to our humanity, both emotionally and physically, and seeing how these can create psychological landscapes that narrate our dearest memories, our hidden truths, and our deepest stories.

Javier Padilla is a movement based artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Starting his training at School for the Performing Arts under Waldo Gonzalez and Olaya Muentes in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, he then continued his studies at Mason Gross School of the Arts pursuing a BFA in Dance. His choreographic work has been presented at venues such as Dixon Place, Open Source Gallery, The Secret Theater, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Triskelion Arts, The Salvatore Capezio Theater, The Tank, Judson Memorial Church, and the Inside/Out Stage at Jacob’s Pillow, and commissioned by institutions such as West Chester University, Bucknell University, and Ballet Forte. Javier is Dance On The Lawn Montclair’s 2018 NJ Emerging Choreographer Commission Awardee and is excited to keep creating and making messes with The Movement Playground.

CHOP SHOP presents Javier Padilla’s work until innocence at the 2019 festival. until innocence is the exploration of the weight of guilt. Nine bodies explore a barren space in which nostalgia and the loss of love quickly inundate the environment. The performers must rebuild and deconstruct their relationships and the space around them to discover the true nature of their actions, their guilt, and what it takes to wash away your sins and truly encounter one’s pure innocence.

Learn more at jpmovementplayground.me.

The Stone Dance Collective (The Eastside)

The Stone Dance Collective in Eva Stone’s A Series of Lies That Tell the Truth. Photo by Bret Doss.

The Stone Dance Collective, directed by Eva Stone, originated in London, England in 1993 and became a permanent part of the Seattle/Eastside dance community in 1995. This project-based company has experienced various stages of activity over the past 20 years, but it is most important to note that cake is served, without exception, after every rehearsal. The Stone Dance Collective has appeared in multiple dance festivals and in all eleven previous editions of CHOP SHOP.

Eva Stone’s approach to choreography evolved from learning the art form in reverse, choreography before technique, and is unique with its intent based in humor and authentic human connection and emotion. Her work has been presented at On the Boards, Men in Dance, the ArtsEdge Festival, Bumbershoot, and the Seattle International Dance Festival, where she has also served as a guest curator. Her work has been commissioned throughout the Northwest by companies such as Spectrum Dance Theater, Seattle Dance Project, and Bellingham Repertory Dance, and has been seen as far afield as Europe and Russia. As a commissioned choreographer for Regional Dance America/Pacific, Eva has created works for South Bay Ballet in Los Angeles, Mid-Columbia Ballet, Marin Ballet, and Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre. Most recently, her work was commissioned by Pacific Northwest Ballet and Seattle Art Museum for Sculptured Dance, a site-specific dance event held at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

CHOP SHOP shares Eva Stone’s Semi-permanent at the 2019 festival. Semi-permanent takes a look at the challenging facets of women dealing with imposter syndrome and the unseen consequences of this common and usually unspoken state of mind.

Learn more at evastonedance.com.

Margot Gelber & Dancers (New York)

Marlie Couto performing Margot Gelber's Follow Her Smiling.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Margot Gelber began her training as a competitive gymnast. She then attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts, and went on to further her training at The Boston Conservatory under the direction of Yasuko Tokunaga and Cathy Young. Upon graduating, she joined Ate9 Dance Company in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been commissioned by The Boston Conservatory, The High School for Performing and Visual Arts, and The Houston Metropolitan Dance Company. Margot’s work has been included in the The San Francisco Conservatory of Dance Summer Dance Series, The Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, The Austin Dance Festival, and The Seaside Dance Festival. She has been awarded the Houston Met Dance 2015 Emerging Choreographer, The Bates Dance Festival 2015 Emerging Choreographer, and was a participant in Elizabeth Streb’s Go!Emerging Artist Program. Most recently she traveled to Poland to present work in the Gdanski Festiwal Tanca.

CHOP SHOP presents Margot Gelber’s solo Follow Her Smiling. From the get-go Follow Her Smiling demands the viewer confront the demonstrative female figure on stage, as the work expounds on the dynamic strength of femininity. Through the pointed music selections and the dancer’s physicality and sense of humor, the audience, for that moment, is asked simply to bear witness to the dancer’s ability and to ponder: what have we accepted because of its familiarity without consideration to its content? In short, this is a piece about showing and not telling. “Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ― Anton Chekhov

Learn more at margot-gelber.squarespace.com.

natalya shoaf (San Fransisco)

Samantha Weeks performing natalya shoaf’s first study. Photo by Steve Disenhof.

natalya shoaf is human. human meaning aware that we are moving, flowing, energies of a higher power/source created as vessels to communicate ideas that may be greater than ourselves. natalya shoaf uses contemporary dance to bridge the gap between dance and our being, so that dance becomes an interpretation of our everyday lives and offers a new perspective and lens through which the world can be seen. natalya graduated from Alonzo King LINES BFA program at Dominican University of California in 2018 and is now a freelance California-based movement specialist, choreographer, and dancer. natalya has presented work in Black Choreographers Festival (San Francisco and Oakland) and recently choreographed San Francisco native band CON BRIO’s latest music video, “Body Language.” natalya desires to travel the world and spread the feelings of hope, love, and possibility to those around her.

CHOP SHOP presents natalya shoaf’s solo first study at the 2019 festival. Described by the choreographer as “a scrapingly raw lucid journey,” first study takes as its organizing principle the statement “you are no longer the ‘audience’, you are participants.”

Learn more at natalyashoaf.com.

Julia Antinozzi (New York)

Serena Anne Cattau, Kelsey Saulnier, Maggie Goulder, and Ian Spak (L to R) performing Julia Antinozzi’s Welcome To Be Here. Photo by Derek Fowles.

Julia Antinozzi is a dance artist, Gemini, and optimist. She began dancing at a young age and trained classically with New Haven Ballet for 15 years. After moving to Northampton, Massachusetts to pursue a liberal arts degree, Julia became enamored with contemporary dance forms and choreography. At Smith College, she studied with artists including Jennifer Nugent, Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, Joy Davis, and Katie Martin. Julia is honored to have performed in works by Bebe Miller, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, Rodger Blum, Barbie Diewald, Sarah Lass, and Rowan Salem. Julia was Business Manager and a choreographer of Smith’s student run dance company, Celebrations Dance Co, which is dedicated to student composition, performance, and production. Julia earned her BA in Dance and Astronomy from Smith College in the spring of 2018, graduating cum laude and with high honors in dance. In the fall of 2018, she received her post graduate diploma from the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School.

CHOP SHOP shares Julia Antinozzi’s Welcome to Be Here at the 2019 festival. Welcome to Be Here was developed using choreographic scores and ideas sourced from the architectural theory book The Eyes of the Skin by Juhani Pallasmaa. The dance explores how movement is defined by architectural spaces, and the ways in which people dwell or travel in various locations. The world created on stage consists of references to elsewhere through abstraction of generated material, resulting in a very human and nostalgic atmosphere.

Learn more at juliahha.wixsite.com/euphoria.

Julie Crothers (Oakland)

Julie Crothers performing her solo Eva Louise, April 2018, Photo by Hillary Goidell.

Julie Crothers is a freelance dancer, choreographer, and educator based in Oakland, California. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Julie studied dance and arts administration at Elon University in North Carolina. In 2014 she moved to Oakland to join AXIS Dance Company, where she worked for 3 years. Professionally, she has also worked with Renay Aumiller Dances and Sarah Bush Dance Project. As a disabled choreographer, she is interested in discovering ways that dance can serve to break down barriers and confuse biases, fueling a community that is more empathetic, connected, and real. In 2018, Julie was selected as Emerging Artist in Residence at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Summer Resident Artist at Deborah Slater Dance Theatre's Studio 210, Feedback Artist in Joe Goode Performance Group's Feedback Program, and was a choreographer in AXIS Dance Company's pilot Choreo-Lab.

CHOP SHOP presents Julie Crothers’ solo Eva Louise at the 2019 festival. From the choreographer: “Several years ago, while cleaning out my late grandma’s basement, I discovered a box of letters. More than 500 letters - saved, bundled, preserved, untouched for decades. These letters tell stories of love, military life, heartbreak, debauchery, and the mundanities of rural Tennessee life in the 1940s. They offer a window into the hidden life of Eva, and not the caring elderly nana I loved dearly, but Eva Louise - a vibrant young woman, full of richness and complexity.  They reveal to me a woman I never knew existed, and a woman more similar to myself than I ever imagined.”

Learn more at juliecrothers.com.

Lydia Relle (Phoenix/Seattle)

Lydia Relle. Photo by Rustin Gudim.

Lydia Relle is from Seattle, Washington. During the course of her professional career she has enjoyed performing works by Dominic Walsh, George Balanchine, Ben Stevenson, and Justin Peck. Lydia joined Ballet Arizona as a company dancer in August 2018. During the summer of 2017, Lydia participated in the National Choreographers Initiative as a dancer and the experience exposed her to a variety of artistic styles and sparked her interest in choreographing. In 2018, she created her first work for Encore, an off-season performance produced, danced, and choreographed by the dancers of Ballet San Antonio. This is where Ever Present had its world premiere. The success of her first piece and her love for the artistic process has continued to motivate Lydia to create more works. She is looking forward to choreographing in Ballet Arizona’s 2018-19 season for the Artist Relief Fund.

CHOP SHOP shares Lydia Relle’s I’m outside when you’re ready at the 2019 festival. This work is an abstract look at a relationship that is uneven. One side of the relationship continues to take, while the other side willingly gives everything with no expectation of receiving anything in return. At the heart of I’m outside when you’re ready is the unconditional love that can be given despite not being recognized or acknowledged, always there for its counterpart.

Learn more at instagram.com/lydiarelle.

Banner Photo: Lorraine Lau performing Alicia Mullikin’s En brazos entre líneas enemigas at CHOP SHOP 2018, photo by Bret Doss.